Which SSD

hello everyone

i am currently in the process of shopping for an SSD upgrade. currently i am considering either the 480GB Intel 730 Series or the 480 GB Corsair Neutron XT. which one would you guys choose? also open to other options but must be 480-512GB and from reputable brand. and under 300 bucks.


The corsair neutron XT is much faster than the 730, its really not even close. you could also go for the 850 pro which is more competitive with the neutron XT.

Samsung 850 Pro

10 year warranty or 150 TBW. Might be worth the premium. If not, try these...

Crucial MX200


Crucial BX100

All of these, including the ones you mentioned, are excellent SSDs. You can't go wrong with any of them. Just go through their spec sheet and pick the one with the best reviews, warranty, potential longevity, and speeds.

I would say for you price range the Plextor M6 PRO PX-512M6Pro. It's $303 on newegg and scores pretty high on performance per $.

Performance per $.

$303 on Newegg