Which should i get?

Alright, well I know that before posting this some of you may recommend get the R9 290X instead but I am not sure if i would be able to purchase it.

I cannot decide which GPU to get.

I have my mind set on the EVGA SuperClocked Geforce GTX 650Ti 1Gb

but there is also the EVGA SuperClocked Geforce GTX 650 2Gb as well as the ASUS Geforce GTX 650.

I really don't to spend much over $150 but if i have to i'd consider it considering i may need a bigger Psu along side a new case which may be already pre-determined. I forgot where i read or heard this but someone told me that radeons would be better for me due to the fact that im running on AMD power. Thank you very much for any and all helpful tips and recommendations.

For around 150$ I'd find a 7870 or 7850 with 2gb of vram. 

As far as the nvidia line up is concerned for gaming I wouldn't get anything lower than a X60.. X being the first number that represents the series so in your case a 6 series GTX.. I wouldn't buy anything lower than a 660 in that series for gaming.