Which should I choose R9 285 or R9 290?

I want to upgrade my graphic card but I am a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff... So, I'll ask the pros, which one do you think I should get and why? Thanks in advance.

PS, I did try to google it but there is like no comparison of them 2. 





It really just depends on how much money you have. The 290 is badass, get it over the 285 if you have the coin. 

to compare hardware go to http://hwcompare.com/ but the 285 is not on it yet. 

i'd get the 290

get the 290 ... the next gen 285s may have an expanded memory interface achitechture ... and that may be a contender .... just maybe

There isn't much of a comparison.


290 no brainer realy.

The R9-290 is way´s better then the 285. Its not even close!

1792 shaders vs 2560 shaders. 

i guess this does not realy need anymore compairisson ☺

isnt the 280 better than the 285?

They are pretty similar both the 280 and the 285 have 1792 shaders, but the 285 has an tonga chip, basicly a slightly more power efficient Tahiti chip. Still i would grab a 280 over a 285 any day of the week, cause it offers more Vram, which could never hurt. Also the 280 has higher gpu clocks. I realy dont see the point of that 285 card to be honnest!

But like i said the 290 is wayyyyyyy better then a 285, its not even close ☺

Sorry I ment 280x. Honestly would pick between a 770, 280x or 290. 285 and 280 are just way out of their league

280x has 2048 shaders its a 7970 basicly.

R9-290 is still way better.

if he can afford a 290 like a Sapphire 290 TriX OC then just grab it. Its no-brainer. a 290 on 1080p is on par with a GTX780, at 1440p it even beats a 780 in most gaming benchmarks that i have seen.

Well, with the R9 285, you get AMD's most recent features, such as TrueAudio, and FreeSync.  The R9 285 performs around or a little bit higher than the R9 280, even with it's smaller 2GB of VRAM and smaller memory interface width.

If you care about TrueAudio and Freesync, and plan to use them in the future, then the R9 285 would be your choice.  Otherwise, I'd take an R9 280 if it were really cheap, or an R9 280X if I could afford it.  And of course, as others have said, if you can get an R9 290 go for it.

True but OP asked about the 285 vs 290. and thats no brainer.

the 285 is nowhere any competition to a 290. Also the 290 hawai chips, offcourse can utilize those latest feutures aswell.

290 will eat a 285 for breakfast.

I disagree as my 780 classy was on par with NJM's 290 triX overclocked. Overclocked a high end 780 like the Lightning or classified trumphs the 290 triX. Price wise it depends on the region. for 1440p I would pick up a 780 6GB over a 290 4GB. 3gb just isnt enough though.

yes offcourse there are some diffrences in diffrent cards aswell. your Classy is indeed an overclocked 780, a Sapphire 290 TriX is an overclocked reference card with a better cooler, this kinda makes sense offcourse.

Still like you said they are on par.

If you compair a EVGA 780 ACX  with a stock Sapphire TriX then @ 1080p they are pretty similar, but at 1440P the 290 seems to slighly pulls ahead, but the diffrences is are realy small.But this also depends offcourse on individual cards,

R9 280 < r9 285 <r9 280x < r9 290 

My opinion . , I would get the 290 aaall day , take a sapphire one .

I meant on par with my 780 at stock. A difference of 2 FPS essentially. Reaching 780 ti ACX teritory is possible with the lightning and Classified coolers. The 290 triX is more on par with an overclocked Direct CUII or 780 ACX OC

Yes i understand what you mean.

THats like i said it also depends a bit on individual cards, they still are pretty close, those benchmarks offcourse do not allways contain the more exotic cards like classy´s and Lightnings. That sometimes can make a fps sense, but not world shocking ☺

Its enough to make the cost difference worth it. My only gripes is the lack of a 6GB Classified and the next chips being only 4GB's. Vram is what is holding back inovation in this industry, not performance. reason why i would recommend a 780 6GB over a 780 ti 3GB

Yep, from a performance standpoint, the R9 290 is the winner hands down.  The difference in features was more of between the R9 285 vs the R9 280/280X as it was discusses a little bit earlier, but the R9 290 and 290X should have all the features that the R9 285 has.

Well thats kinda the question, i personaly dont think that 3GB vram is realy a limitation atm. But for 4k gaming maybe idk.

Still i dont know those prices from those classiefied or Lightning cards, but i think in my opinnion its not realy worth it.unless those cards are on par with a 780Ti for less.

R9-290 is still the better bang for buck, in my opinnion. Unless Nvidia is going to massively price droppings with those new 970 and 980 cards that are comming, but i realy doubt this.

Anyway, time to get some sleep, cant barely keep my eyes open ☺