Which retro games should I get


I have 1.2BTC valued at $12.4/btc (and growing, go free electiricty!) and long story short paypal screwed me over and I'm in the middle of resolving my bank account which will take a while

since I can't turn it into money I might as well buy retro games with it (I'm a Retroist), I've used this site to buy FFX and Metal Gear NES

here's what i'm thinking






Any others that are good with out going over $15-20(+$5 shipping?)

Burnout 2: Point of Impact. That game is really good

Now, about FF Origins, if you did get it, there is HEAVY amount of lag in the menus, same with the Chrono Trigger/FFIV pacakge, holy shit.  This is a toughy, as they are generally great titles,  I personally would get Metroid, but that's just me :)

I haven' played/beaten most of these

games I've beaten but don't own or no longer own

Games I've played but never beat

Games I've never played at all

You have a lot of good games on the list. Some of them I never played. I'm just going to throw my two cents on most of them.


GameBoy - Not much to say here. They are all good games worth playing.



  • Chrono Cross - Personally, I thought this game was OK. It didn't have the same story that loved with Chrono Trigger and the battle system was.. meh. I was expecting a game to surpass the original in terms of gameplay and storyline, but it didn't deliver in either case. However for its time, it got some good reviews. The one thing I really liked alot was the vocal song at the end credits.
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles - IMO. This version sucked on the PS1. Here's my story: I got this game when it came out. They were ports from the cartridges and had a few changes. The biggest gripe for me was the loading times for both games. For example, the game would a pause before and after battle. It got really annoying and the games weren't as seamless like their SNES counterparts. This is one game I DO NOT reccomend if you are going to invest your time playing it. The only good things were the CGI cutscenes. Buy this ONLY if you want it as part of your collection.
  • Metal Gear Solid - This is a must buy. I enjoyed it when it came out and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I rented this one during its release and never got around to buying it. I was a poor high school/ college student back then.


  • Okami - Never played it but a friend of mine LOVED it. Eventhough I never tried the game out, his enthusiasm was enough for me to recommend it to others.


thanks for your opinion, I actually went out to a comic bookstore and found Metal Gear Solid for 20 bucks, I went ahead and bought it, each disc was scratch free and wasn't resurfaced, came with the manual too, it was a greatest hits version but I'm not complaining

I have close to 2 bitcoins now so I think I'm going to get crystalis since I've never played it, Dragon warrior, and if Final Fantasy

im gonna throw a few wierd and rare ones at ya.

Rival schools - ps1

Xenogears - ps1

Castlevania - symphony of the night - ps1. (I sold my original version of this on ebay complete with special edition artwork booklet. it fetched £120 pounds... just for one title i bought for £15 on release. it was released on xbox live 6 months after the sale. i was dead smug about that for ages)

anyways... these were my favourite ps1 titles. i prefered my dreamcast though. i sorely miss that machine. ironic really cuz sega really sucks balls these days. 



Get a Dreamcast.

Then get Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone 1+2, and Grandia 2. 


Battle of Olympus



Secret of Mana

You can't go wrong with Final Fantasy games, just don't get anything after 10.

Terranigma is the best SNES game.

i would definately get MGS 3,i loved that game,it has some excellent stealth elements for example you can change the camouflage on your suit,and snake can now eat fruits,animals and some insects. also the story is just excellent




yeah I've beaten 3 on other means but I want a physical copy


well that's a bit out of my reach at 30 bucks now, I only have one bitcoin which is about 10 bucks