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Which RAM can i get for TR 2990wx?


The first time I collect PC, motherboard Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha.
I want to take 128 GB for the TR 2990wx processor, but I don’t know which one, some advise 2933, others advise high frequencies like 3600. But I don’t understand what would be better for this processor.
Thank you!


Its highly unlikely that you will be able to run 8 sticks of memory at 3600mhz.
2933mhz is what most people get, sometimes if you really have great samsung B-die memory modules, then you might be able to get 3200mhz.
But that is probablly the max you will be able to get out of 8 sticks.
So higher speed modules then 3200mhz are a waste.

Also raw memory clockspeeds isnt everything.
Ryzen / TR does benefit from higher memory speeds.
However at a certain point you will see diminishing returns.
3000mhz memory with nice tight timings could perform better then 3600mhz,
with crappy timings for example.

3200mhz G.skill Trident Z kits with Samsung B-die chips is what i mainlly recommend for AMD.

I would advice to pick a nice kit of 3000mhz / 3200mhz cl14 kits.
G.skill Trident Z kits.
But double check the motherboards memory qvl list,
which particular memory kits are supported well.
Ideally you basically want samsung B-die memory chips.


Why is there nowhere 14 timings for the x399 motherboard, there are at least 16 timings (


Hey checkout the Zenith Extreme Owners Thread if you wanna see my thoughts on the first iteration of the board before buying.

This video is a good resource