Which r9 280x should i get

I'am looking for a new graphics card i have decided on the r9 280x because of mantle and i don't know which model should i go for and i'm looking for that is pretty quiet and also performs really good.

Depening on how much you wanne spend.

Sapphire Toxic is the best you can get, but its not the most silent one arround. Asus R9-280X DC2T is a good one, also the Msi R9-280X gaming.

I have an Asus R9 280x and I can say that it is extremely quite but as MisteryAngel said the Msi model looks very silent also, with Logan's review to back that up.

Yeah but only if they become in stock again lol. First time building a computer and ive never seen anything be out of stock like this before lol. Newegg, amazon, random websites are all out of stock ;( Santa why you do dis. But yes i would go with ASUS or MSI, its the ones im looking for, they are highly recommended

They're out of stock because of the Litecoin boom..people trying to cash in on the mining bizz early, probably because they missed out on Bitcoin.