Which Quadro should I Get?!

Hello everybody,


I am building this computer right now for my Workstation, mainly I'll be editing 4K ProResHQ422 Footage which is very close to Raw, and Raw images from a Medium format camera (Hasselblad H5D)and a High-End DSLR (Canon 5DMkIII) and I need a Quadro for the 10-bit Display/Dual FLOP The NEC PA301, and I will be pairing the Card with TWO 780 Ti's ( I got them as a gift so I'll use them anyways xD)

SO the Hassle here is that I don't really Understand Quadros like GeForce cards, what is better for me a K4000 or a K5000 or maybe a different option, Money is not a problem Maximum performance is.

PS: i know the K5000 is better the than the K4000, but will I get a real benefit while editing and rendering if I get the K5000 or is it not worth the Extra $1K, and I Edit and render on Adobe premiere CC which finally supports SLI, DaVinci Resolve for Color correction which Supports SLI too, and Adobe After Effects CC and for Photo editing I use Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

BTW: I have 64GB of 2133 Memory, upgraded to the 4930K &overclocked and the Asus P9x79 E WS. if that makes a difference.