Which platforms/languages would be best to make a simple arcade front-end/GUI?

Hi guys.

   I've given myself a little project. I want to eventually be able to boot all of my emulated games from a simple graphical menu. Essentially pictures acting as buttons to activate my exes. I have no coding experience as such other than html, ahk and batch file writing (more mark-up than coding). I've made the files to boot straight into the games, using batch files for MAME, and either Autohotkey files or edited shortcuts for my Dreamcast, N64, etc.

   What would you recommend for building something like this? As I said, I'm looking to start simple. This will be running on Windows 7 for personal use. I want to learn a little more about programming so I thought this would be a good way to do so.



Up front I will say that I have zero experience with this. I am merely giving my 2 cents worth. I know that people use Python to emulate arcade games and that Python is not a hard language to learn. I would take a shot with Python if I were you.
Cheers \m/

Qt Creator. Easy to pick up.