Which of these boards should i get?

Ok i am working on planning a build that i will building in a little over 2 months,and i am having trouble picking mother boards.

I have been looking these 2.


I like the fact that this one has wifi,so i can use my usb wifi adapter on a different pc.



I like the fact that this one has m.2 support.


If you don't like those choices please suggest one.

I needs to be be under $120 but the cheaper the better lol,it also needs to have at least 2 pci-e x16 slot,but 3 would be a plus so i would have room for upgrades later down the road,i also will be running either an i5 4690k or i7 4790k.

Thank you for the help.

The Gigabyte board does not come with WiFi but the Z87-PRO you are looking at does.

With that noted I think you should consider the Z97-A which is the entry to ASUS Z97 line.

Board offers outstanding UEFi for great compatibility as well as the best fan controls to be able to tweak and tune your fans whether it be in the UEFI / BIOS or in Windows. The UEFI has also had considerable tuning and tweaking to further refine interoprability, compatibility and performance.

Beyond that as you are getting a K series CPU the Auto Tuning ( auto overclocking is the best out and makes the process very simple whether you want a basic / moderate OC or a more aggressive one ). Even if you ultimately decide to do it yourself you can use it as a very good baseline ( with optimal voltage ranges / safe voltage ranges )

While slot expansion is great keep in mind in the long term most users rarely utilize this expansion. Even when considering going SLI or CROSSFIRE. The majority of users who go multiple GPU do so when they buy their GPUs not over time. This tends to come from multiple factors including pricing, performance and even availability.

While not a huge point it is an interesting one that Gigabyte has also reved this board meaning they have released a *revised version 1.0 to the current 1.1. 

The Z97-A as well as the Z87-PRO you looked at initially are the same revisions that were launched at the beginning of their respective launch dates.

I worked with Logan on a lot of content for many of the awesome Z97-A features you can check them out on the Tek Syndicate YouTube channel.

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your build.

I wifi was the point why i liked the Z87-pro,and the m.2 was what caught my eye on the gigabyte.

I will consider the Z97-A in fact i am watching the video right now.

The main reason i wanted the 3 pci-e x16 slots is because i will be running 2 video cards,but i also wanted the third just in case i decide to get a add in card(sound card or raid card or something that needs pci-e and i know some are x4 or larger) down the road,i am wanting to consider this because i don't on doing a mobo/cpu upgrade for at least 4 years.