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Which is the best keyboard to buy for gaming purpose?


I am an enthusiast and a professional photographer and like to play the game in my free time. So, can anyone suggest me a keyboard that will be best for gaming and also long last? My budget for the keyboard is 2000 Indian rupees.



Thats roughly €25 or $28, I don’t know the Indian market at all so not sure what is available or how the prices are there.

What to you need in a keyboard? Full size 108 key, tenkeyless 88 key, or small 60% size.



Well you certainly aren’t getting a mechanical keyboard at that price. At least not one I would expect to last.

Something like the Dell 104key membranes are probably cheap enough to be had under budget and they aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever used.


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Your budget seems a bit tight for a proper keyboard, but i think maybe you could get something interesting.
There is this Ajazz on Aliexpress, its mechanical, compact and you could get the version without backlight for your budget, can’t speak about quality however, i haven’t used one yet.
If you don’t wanna risk it you can also get a Redragon Harpe for around the same price.



This is a solid recommendation.
One of these would work wonders as well:

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For cheap just go and get a couple Logitech K120…
They are solid and as soon as one bites the dust you have a second one…



@geekguy234 not sure if you could save up for another month or two but at about the $50 range Chinese Cherry Clone switch keyboards become an option.



PS: fuck, I forgot…
The best keyboard I ever touched ever (personal feelings) is the Cooler Master Devastator keyboard.
The mouse is absolute garbage, but the keyboard was the most comfortable and nice to use thing I have ever touched.



I have had the MagicForce 68 for a good while now and it is one of the most solid boards I own. Granted it is not 25 but it was 35 not a huge stretch but what I am getting at is there are certainly mechanicals out there that will last and are good on the cheap, just snobbery gets in their way a lot of the time.

Don’t take this as anything to you personally, they do exist.



Well that kinda was my point, You cant really get into mechanicals this cheap. Even some of the cheaper mechanical keyboards… I’m not sure I would say they are ‘reliable’ without more evidence to point to that. Not that they cant be reliable, but that theres little to go on.

I tried to leave out sample sizes of 1 and recommend something I know to be an OK keyboard.

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I can 101% recommend my 35€ mechanical keyboard… Rock solid, works fine even after I drowned it in bitter lemon.
Natec Genesis Thor 300…



I don’t think the problem with cheap mechanicals would be the switches but what do I know :man_shrugging:



Theres a whole lot more to keyboards than that. No one is resoldering a potted controller my friend.

Regardless, these keyboards are out of OPs price range anyway.