Which is quicker: High End Build or Branded PC?

Hi Guys,


i ready for some new hardware for 3d rendering (no gaming), using maxwell render. Some AE & photoshop, but these are less intensive, so not the major concern. I run the render slaves pretty hard, sometimes 24/7 for weeks at a time. I am tossing up whether to build my own (i have built some i7s before, so i am confident i can put together a good build) or buy a 2nd hand branded PC with similar specs.


I really liked the "dual xeon workstation build" vid on youtube channel, and am wondering if there are any benchmark comparisons between such a build and branded PCs (mac / HP) with similar specs?


The way i see it, these are the main factors:


1. pricing is about the same (a bit less for the 2nd hand branded machine).

2. the casing and water cooling is much better if i build it myself. So, reliability should be better

3. psu options are beefier in the custom build, so allow more stuff to be included

4. render speed? That is really the crucial question for me..


anyway, if anyone knows of where to find some benchmarking, or has some history in it themselves, i would appreciate it very much.





PS the build is dual xeon e5-2630s with 64GB RAM, as per the youtube vid

if the specs are simmilar it's just a question of who slaped it together

it's not like performance changes when you put a logo on the side of the case, unless i completly missed the question


you're right i was probably a bit vague there!


i guess the question is: even though the processor types might be the same (in this instance, xeons), there are real world differences in builds when it comes time to benchmark. i dont really know the mobo and RAM used in the branded PCs, and how they might perform in comparison to a custom build.. i imagine the psu in a custom build would be much better / cleaner.


So i was just wondering if anyone knows of actual world benchmarking of a branded PC against a custom build, to see if there are any performance benefits to be had.. or if they are exactly the same!

I don't know of any benchmarks of OEM PC's agansed custom systems. But i am sure that any custom PC built for the same price as an branded system will be better, and have much better components. OEMs will use the cheapest components to do the job, because after all they are in the business of making money.

thanks billgatez