Which is my real memory speed?

Ok here is the thing.  I'm new in overclockig so please help me. 

I have an AMD FX 8350 @ 4600 using 23x200 and 1.34V

Motherboard: Saberthooth 900FX Gen3 R2.0

Memory 2x Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz 8gb

Cooling: NZXT X60 Kraken

Video: Asus AMD HD 7870

Case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I

My Computer is stable and everything is running fine BUT when I open AIDA64 it tells me that my memory is running at 1333Mhz so I went to the UEFI BIOS and check the speed and it is supposed to be running at 1600 and I check the AIDA CPUID and it says 1600 Mhz I’m really confused and don’t know which one to believe.

Another question I have is that when I'm cheking the temperature monitor un AIDA i get peaks of 88ºC in my DIMM and after that is says 1º C the average is 30 but why i'm getting those readings??






I'd assume the first screenshot had the real memory clock at 802.7. The other image seemed to be listing the memory's specification (which is not strictly the same as it's speed).

As for the temperature thing, it's nothing. I had the same issue on my video card memory modules. It's a mismeasurement, not a temperature problem. That happens with the kind of thermometers used in ICs.

DDR stands for Double Data Rate, the spec listed on the memory is the speed after the doubling calculation. Whilst utilities within an OS tend to show the raw speed.

So the first screen shot is showing approximatley the correct seed

just download cpu-z, it will tell you.