Which is better?

which is better?

amd phenom II  x 4 955 black ediotion or intel core i3 2500k?

please help me! i wanna build a gaming pc..:D

Back in the day (think clarkdale), it was a boss, so I would guestimate it would outpace the i3, but the 2500k isn't an i3... its an i5, so I would also guestimate that you would be better off with a litely overclocked i5 2500k, as it a quite a boss.

2500k for sure.

i5 2500k > phenom II x4 > i3

As far as Bang for your buck goes i5 2500k and Phenom II x4 are almost exactly equal. i3 is a bit on the crappy price for performance side.