Which is better TP-Link EAP660 HD vs TP-Link EAP670 HD

im currently using 1 TP-LINK EAP 660 HD for my whole home an my 5 x 5ghz WIFI devices

the AP’s set for ch 48 , ch width 80 , tx power level 10 , 5ghz band steering enabled , an 2.4ghz band steering & radio is disabled

im wondering would i get better signal coverage if i got a 2nd an ran them as a mesh or replace the 1 iv got with the TP-LINK EAP 670 HD v2

( note i set tx power level 10 so my signal doesn’t blast the neighbors )

in my 1250sqft home its dead center on the ceiling my homes layout looks like this

the red is empty space , grey are the walls

an my EAP 660 HD AP is currently set as followed

this setting pref is to fold 1 theirs a lot of overlapping signal noise in the 100plus bands for the surrounding homes

2 the tx power level of 10 gives a signal strength of -58dbu to -71dbu at the outer walls an drops out completely at 12ft outside the home

weirdly the main tv room that 15ft wide by 45ft long gets with no wall obstructions get -71dbu 6ft from its right wall an the front & back side to

should i enable OFDMA

iv got this rate limit set for all five of my WIFI devices , i cant find any info for the TP-LINK EAP 670 HD v2 on its tx power custom setting

an overall max rate limit for clients wither its the same as the TP-LINK EAP 660 HD’s

A single AP should be able to handle this space splendidly.

  • What materials are the walls made out of and what else is hiding in the walls?
  • Did you scan the channels and make sure your neighbors’ APs are on the same channel(s) as your AP?
  • Did you try other locations for your AP?