Which CPU has better Linux Support - Ryzen 2600 or I5 8400?

I want to buy new CPU for following use case -

  1. running several virtual machines
  2. running web servers/databases
  3. programming
  4. And it should support any Linux distribution.

I believe Ryzen Linux support is pretty well there but Intel will most likely have better overall support.

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Probably i5 8400 but an R5 2600 works just fine under Linux I would imagine so I would recommend the R5 2600.

On the Intel side, only Xeons, Core i3s, Pentiums and Celerons support ECC RAM. Reason being i5s and upwards have Xeon counterparts that Intel would rather sell you.

So if you’d be potentially interested in ECC - considering you’re running servers and databases - then your options are more limited.

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ECC is known to be working on the non APU ryzen CPUs.

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Both CPUs and their respective platforms are fully supported by the Linux kernel and you shouldn’t have any issue with either. You could make the argument that the Intel chip has better support as its a more mature process but in reality your better off going with the CPU and platform that suits your use case more than one with better perceived support in Linux because their both good.

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