Which CPU Cooler should I buy?

Xigmatek Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk Edition 89.5 CFM or  the revised Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler. Im planning to buy a cooler around this price range so if you know of anything better I'll consider.  P.S. im upgrading my current build to become a silent optimized build so most likely i will replace the stock cpu fan of whichever cooler i end up picking with a noctua nf12 or one similar.

Go with the Dark Knight II, all I hear are good things about it, and the lower end liquid coolers aren't worth it. So, I'd definitely go with the Dark Knight II.

Forget them all and get a NZXT Kraken x40 liquid cooler.

Not really in my price range as of now.

The Dark Knight or a Phanteks cooler.

Do not buy an X40, H60, H50, or even an H80 dude. Dark Knight II or look into a Phanteks cooler.


Eliminated it down to the Phanteks PH-TC12DX_BK 68.5 CFM CPU Cooler or the Xigmatek Dark Knight II SD1283 Night Hawk Edition 89.5 CFM.


They perform almost identically. Get which one you prefer the looks of.

I have the Phanteks one you listed, I like the way it looks. The outside plastic of the fans is white, be warned.

Nregner how loud are they. Trying to optimize my computer for silence. 

Extremely loud. I have the Phanteks PH-TC14PE (the big brother), and those fans are like jet engines.

Then i guess i'll just get the Dark night and slap a noctua nf12 on it

Or Phanteks with NF-F12!