Which cores are which?

I have a core k7 3770K and want to know how i can find out which cores are logical and which ones are hyper threading cores... I tried typing a few things into google and got nothing. I want to limit some programs to logical and some to H-threading. 

how can i find this info out? 

It is wrong to think of hyperthreading as one whole physical core and then a second "logical" core. There's no such distinction. Cores 0 and 1 are both logical cores running on the same physical core. Same with the other pairings, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7.

Im not sure I understand... I was under the impression that HT was a feature that was 30% as efficient as its dedicated physical counter part. o_0


Hyper threading is efficient scheduling. It doesn't exist as a core per se. All processes are still handled by the physical cores


By calling them logical cores, it causes confusion. Hyper threading is not a "core".