Which chasis?

Hey I'm new on this forum.

You probably get this question alot! But what chasis do you think I should choose, and why?

NZXT Phantom 410


Fractal Black Pearl R4

Personal preference, which of those do you think look better?

It's not only which one looks the best.. But Their properties :D

Logan just did a review of the Fractal Black Pearl. Go to Newegg and check out the differences as far as removable docks, number of fans, ability to mount water cooling etc. Everyone has their own opinion on what both looks and functions best. I always say airflow is king but you are the one that has to look at it and mount your system in it. Hope this was of some help and enjoy your build.  

Yes thank you for the help :)

Fractal Black Pearl R4

Similar design based on chassis... but the plastic on the other one will start to wear out physically and both in looks. The fractal has the benefit of some sound dampening too.