Which case would be better?

So I am planning on building a gaming PC and there are two cases that I am currently pondering over. They are the Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower and the Cooler Master HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower. What case would be the better buy?


Cooler Master.

Any reason why?

What is your budget for a case?

About $50 give or take.

Looks(personally), air flow, the rosewill does have front usb 3.0 ports I believe, and the CM has 2.0. I mean, I'm not sure either would be my choice.

What would you choose then? I have a $50 give or take budget.

Out of those two, I would go with the Rosewill, but if it were me spending $50, then I'd grab an NZXT Source 220.


There's always the Corsair 300R to consider as well.

Yeah, I was looking at cases and then my cable decided to be a bitch lol.

Any final Ideas? (Does not have to be Rosewill or Coolermaster)

I like the 300R a lot.

I would go with this. It is much more aesthetically pleasing.


I was also planning on putting an LED fan in the front. (Thats why the Coolermaster and the Rosewill sounded nice). Any cases that has that king of support? Or should I  just mount LEDs on the inside of the NZXT 210?

Led fans are the same as normal fans. So you can just swap out the the stock ones out for led ones later on.

Keep in mind that the Source 210 doesn't have any front USB 3.0 ports.