Which Build?

Alright, so I have narrowed it down to two systems. One with an Intel cpu and one with an AMD cpu. I am mostly going to be gaming but also using photoshop lightly. Which one do you guys think I'm better off with? Also which one would be the most future proof in your guys' opinion? Feel free to adjust the build as you like as long as it stays under $1150 CAD. I am going to be doing some moderate overclocking hopefully. Please make sure you guys are on part picker Canada, as I am in Canada. 

Here are the two builds:

AMD build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3q40e

Intel build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3q445


If you are not too worried about overclocking, get a Xeon E3 1230 V2 thereby not having to worry as much about powerphase and thereby being able to get a cheaper MOBO and possibly moving up to a 770. I THINK the E3 1230 v2 is an I7 3770 without iGPU.

Since you won't be doing a TON of prductivity things, get the AMD build. The most future proof would be the Intel build. You will save a couple dollars with the AMD, but for future-proofing, get Intel. The GTX 760, the card I have, is AMAZING for the money.

Yea I agree with ProSonicLive in changing to a Xeon processor and upgrading to a 770. Processors generally depreciate very slowly over time (comparably) but the GPU market changes so fast that it is worth putting as much into a high end GPU as possible. You will be happy with both systems, Enjoy.