Which build is better?

I'm planning on building my first gaming PC, it's going to be used primarily for gaming and a bit for school and on my freetime I want to learn how to code. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cqmvvK or http://pcpartpicker.com/p/sj2nMp

The FX build is better in every way. But of course it is more money. Also try and get an SSD. MX100 from Crucial is good.

+1 just for profile picture. rammstein ftw.

The FX build bests the FM2 in every way. Both are lacking SSDs which are fairly cheap, particularly for 120GB boot drive. If anything I'd get RAM running at least at 1600mHz provided you don't sacrifice capacity - 8GB is perfect for most workloads. If all you can afford is the FX build, go with that over the FM2 build with an SSD and better RAM - it's not worth the trade-offs.

The motherboard on the FX build doesn't exactly inspire confidence, there's better RAM for the same price, and the PSU you picked is nice, but there's cheaper, similar quality options that would allow you to get a decent motherboard

...and +1 on SSD, every computer should have a SSD nowadays... other than that, looks good...

I'd make these small modifications... 


 $6 more, much more solid build...