Which Brand GTX 1650 Super should I buy?


So my uncle ordered the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 Super Twin Fan for me from BH photo, but it is still back-ordered. I’m not that familiar with V cards. I chose the Zotac variety based on Linus recommendation. But i read that the fans are noisey 50db?

Since I’m still waiting is there a better manufacturer to get? I’m currently running a 3700x on an Asus Prime 470 board. To be hones I am not currently a fan of ASUS.

My previous MSI board ran continuously for 9 years. Never an issue.

Just wondering if all 1650 Supers are created equally or not?



Generally the brand doesn’t matter. You will get within a few frames of each other assuming they didn’t really mess something up like the cooling solution. Your best bet is to go with the cheapest, then look at the reviews and benchmarks for any problems with the card.

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That is what I thought. Thanks. Someone said the MSI version was only one with real copper pipes.

True, the Zotac seems especially noisy as tested by Anandtech

If this review by Techpowerup is to be trusted, the MSI GTX 1650 Super Gaming X seems to be the best 1650 Super of the lot with respect to thermals and noise.
Source: techpowerup.com


One way to choose a brand is choosing a Taiwan based company (Asus or Gigabyte). Show support by avoiding cash inflow to its mainland counterpart.


Taiwan number one

*Tzuyu flag waving intensifies

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Can these cards display 4K video? I read it is a 1080p game card. I actually don’t game, Some Fusion 360, Photoshop, and would like to watch 4K H.265 video.


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