Which brand are these batteries

I have disassembled my faulty xiaomi 10400 power bank and tell me what brand do these battery come from. I tried looking up online and i got nothing, even when i had the box it claimed to be legit

Go somewhere that has a bar code scanner and see what it says

I printed and scanned the photo, and my barcode scanner says the same as the text above the barcode (which I kinda expected).
A bit of Ixquicking (because Googling is for normal people) revealed :

They're Chongdiantou LR1865SK 2600mAh batteries apparently.


huh, fake batteries then i got ripped off.

The name made me actually laugh out loud

Seeing as they're in parallel, you DID get the claimed 10400mAh. But yeah, these look like cheapo generic batteries.

i returned the product as it was not working properly and got it back as they claimed it was working, i barely got 1 and a half hour use from it so no i did not get the full 10400 mah from it. bought 2 from another site that is more well known.

Actually they are Lishen batteries upon further researched not Chongdiantou batteries which seem to a reputable battery that the dreaded Apple iWatch battery has. Thanks for the help though greatly appreaciated, wished I knew more about Xiaomi using Lishen battery as well as internationally branded.