Which ASUS 'family'

I have pretty much narrowed down my motherboard choice to a P9X79-e ws (2011/x79)or a Z87 Deluxe (1150/x87) ,both in ASUSs channel range (initial choice was ASUS or Gigabyte as they both seemed high quality boards ASUS then 'won' on features which I will [maybe] use).  Then I heard something which was saying the channel motherboards were lower in the  pecking order than TUF or ROG boards.  I am looking for 'the best' in terms of longevity/quality should I worry about where channel boards are in the pecking order or are TUF/ROG boards so much 'better' that I should really include them in my choice?


The rig is mostly for video editing but (being realistic) will also do a bit of gaming.

To be honest, they all have the same level of longevity, quite similar features and quality. if you purchase a TUF or ROG board, you're buying a typical ASUS motherboard with a few exclusive features. ROG will have some gaming-centric features, but you don't really need them.

The ws series are great. Performance of rog with a warrenty better than tuf. But seeing as your doing video editing the x79 series is great. If it was just gaming it would be a waist. But how much are you willing to spend. Any ws boreds are very good. Even the z87 version or server versions.

Basically within reason money is not a major contributing factor (this purchase WILL be for a l o n g time so am willing to spend a wee bit extra). Twin processor boards are a bit overkill for me (I take it that is what you mean by server level boards).


The deluxe board was one I had looked at earlier, must have been a brain fart saying it was one of the short list basically I have narrowed it down to the two workstation boards one for the X87 chip set and one for the X79 (both in the channel series)

Any motherboard from the big 4 since the mid 2000s is gonna be rock solid unless you are going for stupidly high voltages.

It was in the old days when mobos were hit or miss.

Inconsistent brands are out of the game and MSI and Asrock improved themselves to the point they are better than others by a tiny bit.

Pick one that suits your pcie/sata/color scheme requirements and be done with it.

Don't fall for the marketing and hyped gimmicks.



For video editing, the Asus X79 boards are great. The workstation boards like the P9X79-E WS are amazing. They offer great stability and overclocking. Going to the ROG boards brings LOTS of overclocking potential. I would actually hold off til X99 launches in a couple months. The 5930k will be the same price as the 4930k, but will be on the Haswell-E architecture and will be a 8 core/16 thread processor compared to the 4930k at 6 core/12 threads. The updated architecture and extra four threads will really speed up video editing. Right now the only way to get that many threads is to go to Intel Xeon's or AMD opteron's. You will really be getting a big performance bump by just waiting a couple months for the X99 platform to launch. Or you could wait and catch the X79 boards and processors on fire sale. 

TUF is great for stability under the most severe use and the ROG series is really Republic of Benchmarkers and Extreme Overclockers. I recommend the Sabertooth for its bare bones-bones features and ridiculous longevity.