Which 7950 should I go with?

The three I've been considering:





Twin Frozr gets my vote. It is the best of everything: good cooler, quiet, voltage unlocked, appropriate size (no super long PCB), I think it is a reasonable price, and quality parts.

Wasn't there one of these like yesterday? 


^ Where the hell have you been? I was worried sick

msi twin fozr 7950, the his iceq 7950 or the sapphire dualx 7950 are the best in my opinion.  The his 7950 is only 290 right now  


Thanks for the recommendations.

Definitely the MSI 7950, as Berserker said (didn't I start this whole MSI craze?). Quality parts, solid cooler, and fantastic price, for the 7950, at least. Other MSI products can be a different story in terms of price, but they hit the 7950 market right on the nose.

I didn't get home from work until 3:30 and I'm in calc class now.

HIS iceq 7950 look at the average OC levels





"The maximum stable clocks of our card are 1210 MHz core (27% overclock) and 1500 MHz memory (20% overclock)." from TechPowerUp

I personally have heard nothing but good from the HIS iceq 7950 and it has my vote over everything,even the twin frozr