Which 40" TV replacement?

I was thinking about throwing out the TV and replacing it with a 40" computer screen such as the Microboard B400UHD that was featured on the youtube channel. I have looked at the 40" Philips BDM4065 but that seems to have a flickering issue for some people and that just makes it a no go for me.

The whole reason for this is that you get taxed extra if it has a TV-tuner in my country... So I need something that doesn't have one and by doing that avoid this BS tax.

Best I've found so far seems to be the microboard but maybe there are others?

What am I going to do with it and what do I require?
- Mainly I watch Netflix and stream HD content from my NAS. I mainly use a chromecast but sometimes I use my computer as well.

  • Would like it to be around 40"
  • 4K is nice but not required
  • Some sort of Ok speakers. Don't have an audio system or anything so it needs to have some ok speakers at least.
  • Would be nice if it came with a remote control so that you can at least turn it on and such from a distance.

Anyone have any ideas other than the microboard monitor? Is that even a good choice for my use case?

Are you sure you don't need a TV tuner?

Otherwise, they only make 1080p screens that big for TVs, but just look for any of the 40" 4k monitors they've reviewed on the channel

Monitors also don't come with speakers, and most aren't going to have a remote, you're probably stuck just buying a TV or finding one used.

The real question is , does the cost of the tax outweigh the cost reduction of tv's over high end computer monitors. You'd be closing off an entire world of displays based on this tax. So you better make sure the tax amount is significantly higher than the cost of an monitor thats more expensive but doesn't have a tv tuner.

Really don't want a TV tuner... I do get that they make TVs for a reason and that those are usually a better choice. The question is if there is a way to substitute a TV with a computer screen.

The tax is $250 per year. Not a huge sum but it still money I don't want to pay really. By getting a monitor it would pay itself in a couple of years at most.

How do they determine you own a display that has a tv tuner? I highly doubt that someone who has a couple old tv's in their basement or closet is paying 250$ a year on each one.

You only pay for one per household. And if it's not in your apartment but in storage you don't have to pay the tax. If you buy a TV the reseller has to let the government know and then they bill you if you aren't paying already.

Just trying to get around that BS really. But it seems harder than I would like really :/

if you buy it online and just get it shipped I'm pretty sure whatever ebay seller you bought it from won't report that. just find a tv you like in person , then buy the same model online.

Yea leaning that way ofc. But they do random checks if you aren't paying since they expect everyone to have a TV. And as such you will be billed later so if there was a decent computer monitor to use instead it would just save a lot of head ache... >_<