Which 390 GPU- ASUS or Sapphire? Other?

If I may interject. Can someone please tell me I'm wrong about Althon Micro or comment on my statement about Sapphire RMA. I have found everyone ignores me when I bring it up. I guess I am asking, what is your stance knowing how bad their RMA process goes?

I personally do not have the answer to that question, and I have been reading so many reviews on different MOBO's and GPU's that I cannot remember it all straight lol. At lest for the MOBO's in the 990 chipset the reviews are pretty bad for all brands. They're all hit or miss, people with boards dying in weeks or months from purchase etc.....

I will repeat though that the reviews I have seen on the brand XFX have been very good and when people have needed their CS "according to reviews I read on neweeg etc" they have been good to go.

Sorry I have no clear answer for you on that one.....

It isn't a problem, I've brought it up three times on the forums in I thought hopefully related threads, and no one acknowledges the post. Maybe people just don't know. I technically haven't had an issue with my card except for the weird screen I get during POST with the Sapphire Tri-X card. I went to Sapphire about it, and pointed me at Althon, and then read up on how the RMA service is. Pretty awful, I've seen, and the site gives me the creepy crawlies.

@Screamapillar Yeah I clicked on the link for the website and that's pretty bad for any company, let alone one handling the RMA's for someone who makes graphics cards etc for computers, lol.

well, if i go the 390 route, i will most likely go with the sappire one anyways, but as far as performance goes, that video show stock 390/970 ssc and the overclocked scores. so it is nice to see.

On the one hand, the 970 is cooler, shorter, and uses less power. However, the 390 has some better numbers and 8GB of RAM. although, i will be using this card for 1080p only. when i upgrade my monitor, i will also upgrade my GPU. Looking forward to the new Nvidia cards using 14/16nm process and HBM 2.0 vRAM. I just need a sold $300-ish 1080p card to last me 2 years.

Also. just like i assumed, the Nitro IS the Tri-X. lol (notice the cooling typ on the box). Makes me wonder... will the new Vapor-X get a name change?

This is one of many recent benchmark tests I have looked at when checking out graphics cards, and I keep seeing similar results: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/1984-amd-r9-390-380-benchmark-review?showall=1

Makes me wonder why pay more for a 390/390X over a 290/290X............... The extra RAM won't make a difference playing 1080p or 1440p right?

Easy, Sapphire 390 is proly the best then the MSI Gaming 8g is also very good from what Ive seen. I love Asus motherboards but havent really been impressed with any of their video cards. The ones Ive had were ok but didnt overclock well at all. XFX makes good cards with good warrenty but usually are clocked a bit lower than the other brands. I've even had good luck with PowerColor cards although Ive read other people tend to stay away from PowerColor.

Sapphire did not put a backplate because they reinforced the sides of the cooler. Just wanted to tell.

I can also throw my word in for Sapphire, although I have never had to deal with their RMA. Great cards, I can also recommend the MSi stuff. The Twin Frozer is a nice cooler and their high end stuff is incredibly well built but you pay for it and it is aimed at extreme overclocking.

Sapphire. Great cards, been using them for 10 years, no problems whatsoever. Great linux support too, if that's your thing. They are also AMD's OEM of choice.

The Twin Frozr is being sold for $329 on Newegg. It's the cheapest of them all, amazing card.

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Is anyone out there running dual 390's in crossfire?

Would not mind some feedback on this.

Also any comments on the regular 390 vs the X model? Seems maybe just OC'ing the regular 390 is just as good and saves some $$?

The Msi 390 8G gaming
Its the fastest out of the box.
And it matches your mobo.

I have only had to use the RMA once for Sapphire. I was not a fan of the RMA but, then again, my card lasted until the warranty was about to expire and it still would have been fine. I only RMA'd it cause one of the fans died and I figured, why not get them to replace it. in the end, the same fan died again so I replaced the fan myself as well as the thermal paste and the card is still running strong.

I generally swear by either Sapphire or Gigabyte. I have had bad experiences with XFX, MSI, and ASUS. i had to RMA an ASUS Crossfire V Formula board and that process was atrocious.