Which 390 GPU- ASUS or Sapphire? Other?

I've narrowed down my choice in cards to the R9 390 series for my build, and I was just wondering between these two brands which do you guys prefer and why? And is there another brand to consider or not? Or does it boil down to whichever you can get the cheapest?

PC will be used for streaming and gaming mostly but I do dabble in some stuff with pictures and might venture to video later on......

Thanks for the help

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Sapphire one without question.

ASUS's cooler had issues with the old 290 series, the heatpipes didn't make proper contact and the temps reached the 90s like the stock cooler despite it not being a reference cooler. And from what's been shown they haven't bothered to change the cooler. so the same issue exists with the 300 series.

Perfect thanks for the info greatly appreciate it.

I would get the PowerColor one. It has similar performance to the Sapphire one and has a back plate

You cannot go wrong with your choice, everybody has there preferences, i choose XFX because i love the warranties that they give even on OC'd GPU's, the elegant style of their cards.

Sapphire and AMD are bff's and Sapphire always gets the good stuff early, however ASUS regardless of the shorter dev time does fantastic work and those two companies probably make the best cards performance wise so just choose the one that best fits your styles s

i am getting a GPU next month, and i was going to get the 970, but the 390 looks really good. I am also considering the Sapphire Nitro (Basically Tri-X) 390. Only thing that has kept me on the fence has been some driver issues people have been having. ill do more research next month. I think most of the problems were due to old drivers already being installed.

also, love the Kingdom Come Superman profile pic ;)

Let me know what you find, and thanks for the props on the pic. You can guess which side of the Superman vs Batman fence I sit on lol.....

Look into the XFX, it has come up in my poking around a lot today as a good card and them having really good CS....... so the more reviews I read the more XFX comes int play for me.

It's been fixed with the 15.7 Catalyst Drivers.

good to know. i am going to be aggressive in looking up framerates between the 390 and the EVGA 970 i am considering for the games i will be playing. i have a month to decide.

Keep in touch we will be in the same boat lol.......

So far I have purchased my case, GPU, HDD, and SSD........

Still lots more to go

Sapphire all day errey day.

That's what it looks like from what I am seeing in reviews and such......

But then which Sapphire..... lol.......

Tri-X or Nitro....?

Neat user name, funny I'm over reading that huge Linux thread thread in the Software forum, I'm coming from Mac OSx and not sure I am ready (or want to) deal with Windows again lol......

Id lean towards the well known model "Tri-X". I have a Dual-X 7970Ghz Ed. It runs great. Nitro might be ok but I have not seen enough reviews about it.

Ok thanks I didn't know why I couldn't find much info on the nitro but glad it's not just me.

Thanks for the input, I keep reading good things about XFX and their CS, might have to give them a serious look because the Sapphire Card in Tri-X for a 390 (non-x) does not seem too plentiful....

See a lot of 200 series cards but not 300......?

I'm going to reply with a NO on Sapphire purely based on the RMA process they have in place is awful. The RMA company they use has not updated their website for 2015 standards in ever. I'm surprised it hasn't been hit horribly with DDoS and what not. It doesn't have to be fancy, but ew... http://www.althon.com/main.htm

In the future I'll be buying ASUS or XFX, or hell just Radeon for that sweet sweet water cooled awesomeness of the Fury X.

From what I can tell, unless someone can provide a link. I don't see an issue with the current 300 series Asus cards.

I do not think there is a 'tri-x' 390. the Nitro is basically a gray colored tri-x cooler, as it seems. There IS a tri-x 390x though.

this is an interesting video because the 970 i am considering is this exact model (the EVGA SSC).

I think the choice will come down to the price/availability/free games/my mood when i end up being able to buy it lol

@Weston Look's like you're right, lol. I had the Gold?Orange color 390X from Sapphire confused with the Nitro, my apologies

I was looking at that MSI model too, but there have been complaints in some reviews on retail sites about the noise of the fans and how hot the unit runs........ might want to further look into that before making your purchase.