Whice one?

I want to get an unreal tournament game and i have the choice of ut2004 for $15 off steam or ut3 for the same price at eb games...which one would you guys recommend?

UT 3:]

Definitely UT3 if your pc can run it

yep UT3 definitely

UT3, like everyone else said.

Unreal Tournament 3. :)


alright i bought ut3 and i love it. Now is there anybody on the rtw that plays ut3? if so, add me on steam (Desp1sedIcon) and we can jump in some games.

Is this a lie? UT3

its a little old isnt it?

UT 2004 cause this is one of the few things my peice of shit computer can run :,(

I thought UT 2004 was better xD

ut 2004 is old school ( Shitty Pc's)
Did not like UT3 That much but was a vast improvement.

¿Why would you pay for UT2k4?... I'd go with UT3. I have it (non steam, but still legit), it's alright.

they both suck. dont pay for either one.

there's your real answer