Where to start with algorithms and data structures and also i want get better with C

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
So long story short, i didn't pass my algorithms and data structures class this semester :confused: and i will have to take it again this period. But in the meantime i want to increase my knowledge with C but i dont know where to start :confused: i have a fair knowledge of the basics of the language. So i would like to know if anyone who knows a bit of that subject or have a better understanding of C could suggest me any websites with exercises, books or videos that i can use to study and practice a little bit more.

Any suggestions on any material for C? I will do also this with Java too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I don't have a great answer for you, but I'll be monitoring this thread for sure!

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No problem :grin: i hope also it can help others too :slight_smile:

Take a look at project euler. It is a collection of tasks meant to help with learning a programming language: https://projecteuler.net/

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Thank you i will look forward to it :slight_smile:

I heavily reccomend getting the C Programming Language book. It was written by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan; the founders of the language.

Also, if you get stuck, feel free to ask me questions.

I have a github repo with the examples from the book that go chapter by chapter (WIP).

Also, my friend just got out of Datastructures. I forked his repo, you can take a look at his code stuff here. Its still pretty raw and he doesn't comment, so I've been meaning to step through it and comment it.


Thanks for your suggestion and will do if i have questions :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

Any other sources for algorithms and data structures? I ask this to have more options and have a guide of where to keep going to.

I recommended that book because there is a spot dedicated to the data structures.I am at work this weekend, but once I'm off I could look at that chapter so you could get some examples.]

AFAIK I have another book I had to get called "Data structures in C". It was very thorough. Can't verify the author atm, because at work. The cover was blue.


NVM, found it.

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Learning the language shouldn't be a problem online tutorials and documentation with a lot of practice should be enough.
The best book about algorithms, data structures etc. (not only in my opinion :wink:):

It is not dedicated to any language but it is pretty easy to translate pseudo-code from this book into C or any other programming language. Everything is explained thoroughly. You will also find some exercises in it witch help you to memorize faster.

For practice I recommend to solve problems on some online judges. They are not only checking if your solution gives good answer but also if algorithm you used is fast enough. So to solve the hard ones you really need good algorithmic knowledge.

These are actually my personal favorites but you can find many more if you don't like these.

Good luck, have fun :wink:


I can post some things here for you on Data Structures, So keep an eye on this thread in the next day or so...

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So far there's a lot of good sources and books i will start on this week with some exercises to get better on a general way in C language then i will start applying more algorithms and data structures stuff in my exercises.

So far, great information :smiley: i will look for anything i missed or if theres anything else that could help.

Again, thank you very much so far for the help :slight_smile:

I second the Cormen (Introduction to Algorithms). Great book. If you diligently read up and do your exercises your class should be doable.

I'd probably get the eBook / pdf variant since I have the print version (the non-hard cover (whatever the correct word for that is)) and the book is unwieldy.