Where to learn Adobe CC?

I'm trying out some adobe stuff but I'm not sure exactly what to do all the time. I am learning the video tools but the tool tips / "tutorial" that comes with premier isn't always straight forward. Is there a good resource for me to reference as like a quick guide online? Maybe a source someone here used when they learned CC?


Hey @FaunCB , Your topic is for Adobe CC, but are you mostly going to use Premier instead? I will say that the hardest thing to get your head wrapped around at first is the terminology of the program. What are you trying to achieve ?


New Horizon Computer Learning Center is where I learned and was certified in Adobe. Once you take the classroom course it un-locks access to the online classes. I was able to get the state to fund my tuition. I took the whole graphic design program, but the 1 day long courses are available a-la-carte.

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I learned from a class on campus on a different software.

But here is a video. I found.

if you have some money and you would like to learn from home then check out, they also offer a free trail

Lynda.com - 10 day free trail w/ $20 & $30 monthly Membership

Pluralsight - 10 day free trail w/ $30 a Month or $300 a Year

But if you are not looking to spend any money youtube would be your best bet. But you will have to search for it.

Hope this helps

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Taren For LMG has a Primer video tutorial

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youtube or Lynda.com free trail


Sorry I'll clarify a bit better ^^ I was really tired last night. For now I am learning premier, however I will be learning the rest of the tools as I get to them.

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Lynda is a good option there are also creative cow which is free.

Take your time and look at all tutorials if they are on topic or not. There are a bunch of YouTubers who are pro's, then of course there is Lynda.