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Where to get Old Enterprise Gear


I am looking into building my home lab and network and need some advice on finding old enterprise gear. I’m looking for at least one switch, a couple of generic servers, and a 20ish 3.5" disk JBOD host, and a rack to put it all in. After doing some searching on eBay and Amazon, it looks like I can get everything except the JBOD host for $1,400ish US. But that JBOD is going to be a few thousand on its own…
Any advice on where to find gear for a more reasonable price? I’m in the Columbus OH area if that helps. (Apologies if I am in the wrong thread for such a thing.)

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#3 - Where I got my Dell R710. They’re prices are pretty decent



Craigslist. A company for which a friend of mine works for moved everything to aws and they have sold all servers on craigslist.



Feel like a day trip to save some shipping?

there’s a 60 bay rack mount unit from EMC on there real cheap