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Where to find NVMe Hotfixes 2990941 & 3087873 (Win7?)

So, I’d like to ad an Adata 1TB NVMe M.2 drive to my Asus Prime x470. I read if I want to use it under Win7 x64, I need to apply NVMe Hotfixes 2990941 & 3087873. Unfortunately, MS pulled them, trying to force a Win 10 install. Which I can’t do at this time do to the software i run.

In searching for NVMe Hotfixes 2990941 & 3087873, The sites that seem to have them mirrored are fishy.

Anyone know a safe place to find NVMe Hotfixes 2990941 & 3087873?



The MSI should be signed by Microsoft, so manually check that it is signed correctly. I think that should be good enough, the cryptography is pretty good on the signature.

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This one is actually still available thru the MS update catalog

Wayback link as well for x64 version-

Thanks, I found them at thehotfixshare Hopefully that site is legit!