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Where to connect CLC-AIO

Hi, I have a Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 and an Arctic Liquid Freezer II. This CLC has one connector which I obviously need to connect to the motherboard. Those two options are available according to the manual:

  • CPU_FAN The motherboard supports CPU fan speed control, which requires the use of a CPU fan with fan speed control design.

  • CPU_OPT Water Cooling CPU Fan Header

Both seem reasonable, but I do not know which one I should use. Does it even matter? My previous CLC was the Kraken x62 which is connected to an USB 2 header and needs extra software.

Any ideas?

If only one choice, then CPU-Fan.


Manufacturer will specifically recommend using CPU_fan instead of CPU_opt if you contact them. The manufacturer is paranoid about voltage or something else of the sort.

Regardless, opt is more likely to run 100% at all times and give you an annoying/loud fan.

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CPU_OPT is the secondary fan header. you can use it for water cooling loops. but it is just a fan cpu fan header. the prefered option is always the cpu fan header as there is no setup required in bios/eufi… (the other fan headers may need options set although all should be plug and play in some respect)
so yeah plug it into the main cpu fan header…
and any other fans you want temp control from the cpu mon onboard, can plug into the opt header.

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Thank you all for the responses, I will use CPU_FAN then :slight_smile:

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