Where to buy?

I'm looking to get a 3x2gb of DDR3 1600. But all I can find is 2x2gb. I need 3 sticks because the neahalem will be using tri-channel DDR3. Which will be amazing! Anyone know where to buy a set of 3 sticks?

you could buy 3 single sets, just buy them all at the same time so that their from the same production line (the old school way before dualchannel sets came out)

I could, But it's hard to find a good priced 2gb DDR3 1600Mhz ram. Lemme know if you find any below $100 - $100

the 2x2gb set i'm looking at is $194. So maybe i'll just buy another one of those and get a 64 bit OS.

i'm sure they'll come out with tri-channel sets soon after the neahalem/X58 comes out

actually, on that note. Will tri-channel work if 2 sticks are 1600Mhz and another is 1066Mhz?

yes, but it will slow down the other sticks to 1066

tri channel memory? Since when has this happned?

the X58 is going to have tri channel, so technically, it hasn't happened yet

Fuck tiger go newegg.

once you know, you newegg :O

Newegg Ftw. I got my 3gb ddr3 @1600 there, a shit load less than it would be at tiger.

I upgraded to 8GB ddr3 @1800 a while ago though, it's nice