Where does Motion store files by default?

Hey forum, just had a quick question. Im setting up a small surveillance station for the front of the house in consequence of recent life events. Im using motion (primitive, I know, but cheap and effective) and I would like to know where the program stores the images by default. I looked in the conf file but came up with nothing. I’m using Kali 2018.1, so there might be something special that I need to do but im not sure. Thanks in advance.

man motion or man 1 motion and look for target_dir.

If unspecified, it’ll be the current working directory.

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That’s what the Author is attempting to figure out, the current default working directory.

I said Kali 2018.1, and most current version of motion. Not sure of the exact version number.

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I see, assuming the author can figure out the pid using ps then /proc/<that_pid>/cwd or some such procfs thing should have it surely

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Caught that already which’s why I withdrew the comment mate.

Have you attempted what @risk suggested yet?

Sorry I wasnt paying attention. And I have not yet, I would have to venture downstairs and get back to you guys.

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No, no, no… You owe no apologies here mate.

I replied too soon before reading your initial statement more in depth.

Check @risk’s last 2 comments, which should resolve that issue from the start.

P.s.-Check your Home directory under Motion just in case to keep it simple for you mate (hidden files visible).

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Since when are forum users this friendly! Careful, you all might break the internet!!!

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Pffft… we’re all friendly in our own way mate

But well said to begin with nonetheless.

Running this in terminal should open up the config file:

sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf

Look for “target_dir” this should state the current recording directory.


Looks like he figured it out after all based upon the withdrawn comment.


Yeah i figured out how to do it after all but Im not sure how to read what I got
[email protected]:~# ps auwx | grep motion
root 2826 3.7 1.0 765864 41792 ? Sl 03:15 1:40 motion
root 3249 0.0 0.0 12984 1144 pts/1 R+ 04:00 0:00 grep motion

Thanks for your input! i’ll check that out as well. It would be cool to learn how to read what I got using ps as well, however. Hope I learn more when I start my comp eng courses in the fall

Open your File Manager (GUI specific).

Click View to make sure Hidden Files is check marked.

Look for the Motion folder or the “.motion folder.” (without quotes).

Thank you guys so much for your help! I found the footage and we can mark this as solved!

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Good to hear brother.

Have a good one.


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