Where do eBay sellers get Windows 10 keys from?

I've seen quite a few listings where sellers are offering keys for sale despite not being official sellers for Microsoft. Do they buy licenses in bulk or something like that?


Honestly probably just keygens. Quick, easy, one torrent and you have an ebay farm.

Till you're arrested that is.

Could also be lifting the keys from an employer's MSDN subscription.


Keygens wouldn't activate. Ebay ones do.

Depends on the seller but a lot of the keys are from foreign countries, like Russia.

In the third world, MS sells their OS at a discount to try to increase their market share. They know they can't full price in USD so they lower it and sometimes release "special" versions of Windows like Windows 8 Update with Bing Search (yes that is real edition of Windows). Some versions are only licensed to be used within a certain geographic zone, but will activate normally.

Wow interesting thank you for the insight.
I recently brought a Windows toshiba tablet and the OS is Windows 8 with bing search

True, not worth the risk is it. I won't buy keys if they are key gens.

They are getting keys from volume licensing and reselling them. This violates EULA and if microsoft finds their accounts, their keys get deactivated.

Like, there's no reason to pay for windows, legit or grey market. Just pirate it, no system files are altered in the process and it works like a legit copy in every single way.

Using windows in total isn't worth it. A lot of the software is pay to use and why the fuck would I bother when I can have a better and more enjoyable experience with linux :O

Possibly obtained illegally, probably from another country

mostly I'd just avoid the grey market and just grab it for free somewhere, somehow

No Gamez

People make that argument all the time but its rather weak to be honest. I shouldn't have to list off what is on linux steam already as well as what works perfectly in wine.

Last time I tried running dota 2 under linux it didn't go too well, though that might just be because I have an AMD card. I need to try doing a GPU passthrough sometime with my 8300

Dota doesn't really run all that well because they constantly change it. The OGL stuff is always in flux and a lot of shit goes on with it. Also modss nuke performance everywhere,

I can say though I can play 50 FPS min on a 370. AMDGPU might make changes. Radeon definitely will\has. At the moment a lot of people, including me, have catalyst which is inferior to what is in development anyways, I do wish I could use open source drivers alway though. But they make it very hard for me to 3:

Most of linux ports use opengl wrappers, and in any case, unless you game really casually or only a couple of specific titles, what's available on linux is not enough.

(And it's not that desktop linux is better than windows in other aspects. It's better in some and worse than others)

And in any case, what's the point in trying to plug linux into any discussion of operating systems?

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Agree. Mature flaming is ok but OS wars belong to another thread @FaunCB

If it was a real OS war anywhere there'd be someone who liked warp center at some point. :P

Perhaps but no1 likes a derailer you know it, let's not be assholes in this forum ok? Everyone's an asshole sometime so thought I'd be the asshole now.