Where did you learn that awesome sh*t Wendell?


Everytime Wendell talks about this software and hardware stuff my brain just goes *Brrrrrr.......*.

I know the basic stuff about hardware but thats about it....

Do you know a way to fix this?


You are awesome!  


Get an education? Read a book?

college bro.

being broke, curious, and not having a fear of being electrocuted. I used to take apart everything in my house including the television before the age of 10. Wendell did you do this too? :)

https://www.google.com/ <-- The gateway to everything you could possibly ever want to know

Honestly isn't hard... GOOGLE ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like most of us. In a awkward childhood. I am just assuming of course. 

I gather Wendell possessed a genuine interest in computer-tech when he was younger, and that interest intensified with further study via a formal education (I surmise Wendell was engaged in study while his mates were goofing off)

School, and books. Plus a huge interest at a young age, like me. I would take apart EVERYTHING that was electronic. Got a couple of big jolts, lol. More Books and websites, videos like the ones on Tek Syndicate. That's how I learned all I know.

he talked about being in the BBS scene.

"Just work at a thrift shop and get a hand held x86 machine and learn how to program"

Brought to you from How to be Wendell for Dummies

Make sure you also sign the contract on the napkin stating you won't sue the thrift shops owner

>be me

>work at thrift store

>see a thing

>its a pocket pc

>owner says i can have it if i work over the summer


>sign contract on napkin

>take pocket pc at the end of summer

>get it to work

>skip 20 years

>have a smartphone

>still use pocket pc

>be Wendell

>Wendell is love, Wendell is life

JK man, we love you Wendell, you are epic, lots of love!

wendell is the man for sure.

I'm pretty confident Wendell obtained most of his knowledge when he transcended.