When will Linux be mainstream enough for all games?

Will Gaben come to the rescue? I want to move over to Linux and be free of Microsoft's evil doing. I feel as though Linux is He-Man and Microsoft is Skeletor. Mac is Snarf. I will only switch when I am guaranteed maximum game access. What do?...What do?

This event happened in approximately 2004, just no one told the game devs.


When will the game devs do us a solid do we can stop riding Microsofts train?

When Microsoft stops being the majority.


Most likely never.


Using Linux because of games is like eating a steak just for the blue cheese.


Microsoft has shafted us and has gone too far this time. but I don't wanna lose my games.

That may be true but the economics don't support it.

Gaming is nice to have but shouldn't be THE main reason to use Linux.


It's got a lot better - just check on Steam and gog.com - there are lots of Linux games, just probably not many of the AAA titles you might be thinking of. If a game isn't on Linux it's always worth checking if it can run under WINE, quite a few do.

Steam survey says 1% of users use Linux...
It's not even mainstream period let alone mainstream enough.

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Linux is only a few percent on Steam, that isn't enough encouragement for ports.

@SoulFallen dammit

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I do not think it will ever be main stream enough.

A few years ago, maybe it was '14 Valve said performance was better on Linux then on Windows with the same hardware. But now performance on Windows is just as good on Linux on some games. So maybe game developers look at the benchmarks, see that Linux does not have that much of an advantage in performance over Windows and decides not to put the money towards making a Linux port of the games.

Not to mention there have been some piss poor ports to Linux. There a fair amount of titles that say they aren't supported on AMD GPUs. That is insane.

well that sucks. I may switch anyway. unless Microsoft makes drastic changes in what they are doing as far as data harvesting and shitty windows live.

LInux is kind of like a doormat. Important, but ignored. Personally I play league, TF2, quake, really basically all my games I stream but it's also my OS where all my tools are native. Abiword and libreoffice, ardour, kdenlive. Linux is basically mac with better software if you look at it from a gaming standpoint. And by no means is there a gaming OS. You can play call of duty on linuk if you want, but there is learning to be had with it. It won't do everything for you or make you do everything for it (unless you like gentoo) but rather it will work with you as a tool and not some shitty gimmick.

Want to use it? Give it a shot. No one is going to help us it gaming so we have to do that ourselves. We all need to accept that.

Edit: BTW as a personal note I am happy to say that with my R7 370 I can hit 80 FPS on high in skyrim. I'm proud of that.

I am surprised with the rise of crowd funding. A wine developer does not launch a funding campaign to get money and put that money towards good use to re-write or tune code that would make games easier to install and use via its software.

Do you have DRI3 enabled?

No it just runs fine.

There's a use case for everything, there is no "Perfect" Operating system. Linux isn't perfect, Windows isn't perfect, and we know damn sure OS X ain't perfect.. they just have a good ecosystem.

If you're a gamer, you're just going to have to stick with windows simple as that, and contrary to popular belief Vulkan is not going to make Linux any better of a gaming platform. it'll help with porting sure, that doesn't mean devs are going to do it. Linux is never going to be "THE" platform for games. look how bad SteamOS is doing. there's no point of using it.

Worse comes to worse, Vulkan is going to benefit windows users who are still "stuck". on 7 or 8.1, who don't want to jump on Windows 10. Make Vulkan based games, they work on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. and if people complain louder, make it for Linux.


True but if gaming is the main thing you do it would be nice to have Linux as an option.
Yes am am aware that a lot of games can be run on Linux and for those that can not there is VGA passthrough but this is too much work for a lot of "gamers".

The low number of Linux users on steam might have something to do with the lack of games that run native on Linux. Its just easier to use windows if you are a gamer.

Then use Linux and buy games there. That will create a market. Right now the market is too small.

To be honest gaming bring tons of closed source software to a platform (AMD is an exception). Defeats the purpose behind Linux. To provide a Free and open Source alternative to Unix.

Linux isn't designed to be "Free Windows"

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