When Internet Piracy will end?

Hi Logan and all tek syndicate team, Love your show. from Latvia

I have simple question.

When Internet Piracy will end? Me personaly, when there will be storng,intelegent,evil network proggram that can reconize what you are doing and block you. NSA will use that proggram and will call it JESUS. :D                                                                                                                                        

When everything on the internet becomes free, piracy will not be needed anymore

That is like saying if everyone were dead there would be no murder.

It's not that everything should be free, it's that everything should be worth its labelled value.

If everything was free why would anyone make or do anything? They wouldn't but if everything was valued right then things become better.

For example take Battlefield 4, pricing that at $60 is bad right? but so is pricing is at $0 (assuming its not freemium).  If it were priced at $40 then more people would be inclined to buy it, and if EA cut back on marketing then they would still make the money they need to.

when will people stealing anything end? 



I don;t think he's promoting thyis view point, rather saying this rhetorically.

Ah!, one day there is be a html forum tag <sarcasm> that will make things so much easier for me to read in the correct tone haha.

I, Covet.