When Did Windows First Start Using GPT/GUID?

Just wondering if anyone knows when Windows first started using the GUID/GPT format. I assume Vista, but I don’t know for certain. I would assume/try Windows XP Media Center Edition, but I don’t have an ISO to test with, and the old disk management system I don’t really get.

edit- to clarify I mean in terms of booting
kind of confused as to how I managed to leave this out in the first place wtfh?

Looks like this page has the info you’re looking for.

From what I’ve messed around with (or at least remember), anything older than Windows 8.1 didn’t seem to do very well with GPT, even in the realm of “supported” use.

Where specifically?

Interesting. Looks like Windows Server 2003 XP 64-bit and onwards for the server side of things, and as I assumed they started supporting it in Vista.

Side note - looks like XP only supports MBR for removable media

I believe you’ve been able to use GPT since Windows 2003 (and possibly 2000, but it’s been a while and i can’t remember. NT/2k was cross platform and MBR is x86 only, other platforms didn’t ever use MBR if i’m not mistaken).

By default though it’s been MBR since way past that.