When are next gen AMD GPUs coming?

Is there any news on when the next gen AMD GPUs come out? I want to know because I want to compare NVIDIA's next gen to AMD's so I can decide on what I want to buy for PC upgrades.

No, there is no news. AMD is usually pretty quiet about when things are being released. I would say September at the earliest, possibly into early next year.

Or it could be sometime next week. They pretty much don't say until they're on the way to the retailers.

Is anyone really that interested?

I am pretty sure that most of us using 990fx boards will just wait for the 7970's to drop so we can crossfire for cheaper.. :)

Personally, as soon as I see a 7970 hit the £260 mark I will definitely be considering dropping in a 2nd one

I have seen enough evidence that the stuttering issues are gone to be confident ingriping crossfire again


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Most likely the HD8xxx Series will be launched this fall (September-Novenber). But I heard that the HD9xxx series might launch as early as May/June 2014...

I'll probably just stick to my 7950, and upgrade to (hopefully) a 9970 or 9990. :)

Soon I hope. I just updated to Premiere CC and the OpenCL support is amazing with this 7970.

Hey logan Dude, you guys should so do a amd vs nvidia in Adobe for aTek video to see if OpenCL out performs Cuda with close to equivelent perfoming cards. like the 7950 vs 670/760 or 7970 vs 770 etc etc.

Would be cool as this has been niggling at me for a while. Maybe others would like to know too.   

..which is what I mean

the 8xxx series are going to have to be phenominal for me to consider one of them over just dropping in a second 7970.

most 7xxx gen amd users will just wait for the upcoming release, then wait for the prices to drop on the 7xxx card that they have in response to the release and then crossfire.. and that will cover them for the next 2 to 3 years of gaming (unless technology advances like crazy :P).

For people who use opencl accelerated apps its a no brainer

I just wish maxon would get off of its hardware agnostic fence and support opencl in its internal renderer for cinema4d :(

It very well could be phenominal. I mean... the 7000 series came out over a year and a half ago now, in December 2011. I suspect that whatever they roll out next will be more than a typical yearly release.

I have a 7870 right now, and I'd definitely drop 500 bucks on a 8970 or whatever they end up calling it if it doubles up what I have now.

With the new consoles coming out later this year, the bar will start to be raised again. Finally.