What's Your Opinion on Watch Dogs' Later Release Date?

While I am woeful that I will not play it until Spring, I am happy that they will try harder to make sure the game is buttcheek smooth. What's your opinion on it?

If they are actually using the time to improve the game then I am fine with it. However, if they are postponing it to move it away from other release dates or to add Day One DLC they can kindly fuck off.

The butthurt I have when I heard about this is supreme.

I was looking forward to it, but I'm not upset. BF4 is right around the corner, and with the amount of time I actually have to game, that will be occupying it.

This was one of the few major releases I've been looking forward to this year, but I'm not all too concerned with the delay. There are so many other games to play in the meantime to keep me preoccupied

I don't care, i buy it sometime in Steam sale. No time, no problem.