Whats your ideal 3 monitor setup and Crossover 288K UHD 4K Display

Running out of room with the two monitors I have now, plus its time upgrade to some with better color. Just curious what your preferences are or would be in terms of physical setup

Also curious if anyone has tried the Crossover 288K UHD 4K Display and what their experiences have been like.


It would be awesome hearing what stands you all are using and how they work for you.

Cheers Trent

number 2 is by far my favorite.

number 4 is ok, but its expensive and it only works if all the screens are curved.

There should be a number 5 which would be 3 vertical screens which is nice for coding.

Ideal set up? 9 40" 4k displays

I tend to just use one main monitor and one secondary, currently a 1440p main and 1080p side in landscape.

Going to move back to a 1600x1200 CRT as my main and move my 1440p to a portrait monitor as soon as I build a new desk.

Also there's this thing, 4k, IPS, and free-sync $500


Haha I like where your heads at, unfortunately I don't have a spare wall for my command center but I'll keep that solution in mind.

And thanks for the link, more options the better, and I really do like the 27s

I like number 2 as well just curious how it would feel with a 6' wide screen, I guess going bigger is a safer move though

Threw this up in photoshop quickly This is what would probably be my optimum setup.

I'm currently on a 1440p monitor, and I have plans to get a cheap 1080p monitor soon, All that would be left would be a really good gaming 21:9

I have a 1080p screen and 2 1024 screens. One is underneath my desk for just displaying graphs ad the other is next to the 1080p screen for app managements while streaming.

Just bought the crossover 288k after seeing Tek syndicate numerous videos on 4k! I personally miss 144hz a bit from my old 1080p monitor it is a super nice monitor though other than the stand which looks nice but is kinda crappy because the tilt is just not their in general and just needs to be higher up for me. It supports VESA so i switched the stand out. If you have any questions I will try to check this weekend to answer any!