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What's Your Favorite Text Editor?



Maybe every month we should do a ‘Favorite Necro’ poll.


I often use Sublime. Just as comfy using nano or vim.


GnuVim or the popular fork ViMacs


No love for Notepad2? I use the -mod version on Windows.

It’s basic, no tabs, but has the tools you really need: syntax highlighting, box select and some line/block modification stuff.


poor eclipse 3:




I like to use Codelobster


I’m still using notepad.



Someone already mentioned it, but VS Code is pretty solid.


Sublime & PHPStorm. (Y)


For JS (which I only use for one thing… not a real programmer) Notepad++

For G & M code, CIMCO Edit.

I just use plain old notepad for… notes.

My wife loves LaTeX but she does mathy things, so there’s that.


Two months later does qualify as a necro. Thread is locked.