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Whats your favorite low Cal drink?

Been drinking a lot of black coffee and I’m a little concerned about the amount of caffeine I’ve been consuming. Want to switch things up a bit but don’t want to pick up something that is going to significantly increase my calorie intake. I think my biggest problem with Teas is that they just aren’t very refreshing for me. I can drink them in the winter when its cold, but then as soon as summer hits its like only water and black coffee for me.

A variety of teas and flavored seltzer for me.

Usually I’ve got at least six or seven teas at home, but I think I’m down to only three right now. I need to fix that.

Unfortunately it’s super easy to get a ton of calories from drinks, even a measly cup of apple juice is 100+ calories :frowning:

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Same problem dude. I just couldn’t really appreciate teas no matter how hard I try,

I quit coffee quite awhile ago, I was getting severe leg cramps from dehydration. I was drinking about a pot of coffee a day…or more. Started drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, sometimes more when working hard. I’ve recently started drinking coffee again but only if I don’t have to buy it, that limits it to a max of 2 a day and I do go days without. I had withdrawals when I quit for 3 days or so, bad headaches.

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Tea, Coffee, plain water


I’ve been drinking lots of tea lately.

Best thing I ever did was cut out sweeteners though.


My wife was recently diagnosed with diabetes ( early type 2 so thankfully no insulin shots needed and should be able to be diet controlled soon )

So we’ve ditched damn near everything drinks wise that has a high sugar content ( bar the odd treat for me ofcourse )…

Most of it has been substituted with water, infused with fruits or vegetables of some form or another… A staple of which has become lemon and lime, occasionally experiments are had with varying berries, cucumber, ginger just to name a few, and the mixing and matching of herbal teas aswell…

The options for flavouring water naturally are nearly limitless depending on your tastes… And if you feel like drinking something more adult, the same can be said for clear spirits like vodka and gin with the juices of alot of those same fruits and vegetables…


Cheers to that!
I drink around 2 litres of tea per day. It’s been instrumental with keeping me away from sweet drinks.
Other than that, I drink the good old H2O. Gotten used to it and nothing comes close.

A can of RC.

70 or 80 calories

Also tea, tea more often now lol.

Or you know.


Doesn’t help your caffeine intake, but I order 4 24x Monster zero (2x red, 1x purple, 1x white) cases from amazon each month.

Makes life super easy, and is enough to last my wife and I a month, so we can just have them on subscribe and save and get that sweet 15% discount.

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Some french bubble water.


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Mineral water.

When I want something other than plain water or coffee, La Croix (at the office, where my work pays for it) or V8 low sodium.

I use lime juice a lot. I put a tiny bit in water. That plus coffee or tea makes up the vast majority of my fluids. I also put some in a shot glass with vodka and get wasted occasionally without any hangover as long as I also drink some water.

I used to make peppermint limeade a lot, but being sick and being away from home in the heat of summer killed off my peppermint. I need to get that going again. You can make it with little to no sugar and have something a bit different and refreshing after dying in the heat. I certainly could have used some today mixing cement with temps in the low 80’s!