What's you prefered honeypot solution?

So i’m looking to deploy some honeypots in our network. So far, i’ve found this awesome list: https://github.com/paralax/awesome-honeypots
and have heard of the thinkst canary.

To be honest, i’m a bit lost on options here. I’d personally like something that can act as an honeypot for SSH, FTP, some Linux Webservers and RDP (Bluekeep stuff). Those are our most common services.
Additionally, i’d like some kind of overview that’s not only a mail notification. If all goes well, i’m deploying those to 80-90 networks. It’d be nice to have some kind of webfrontend or such.

So, what tools can you recommend or do you have experience with? It doesn’t have to be free, though Linux based is prefered. I’m fine with investing work into this. I don’t need something fully automated. I’d just like invest the work into something that can do what i want and that’s somewhat scaleable.

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