Whats up with these GTX780 & 290R benchmarks?

So ive been frequently referring to Passmark for any benchmarks id like to know recently and they just posted a score for the 290R.


From that i would gather the overall graphic performance of the GTX780 is actually the better then the 290R, however we also have this SBS comparison that would suggest otherwise:


Unfortunately Passmark doesn't go into details on what the card was tested at what settings, hardware, etc. From my understanding its more like a collective score then a set test so it gives you the average over a diverse group. The score is bound to change over time.

Is passmark just not a reliable source for putting out their benchmarks like this or is there some weight to what they do? Is there a better source you would recommend?

The main reason i ask this is because i have been waiting for the new cards to all come out. Now that they are here i'm looking to get one and i just don't want to be mislead.

Well pass mark isent a good place to take a gander at antill there are more samples passmark takes the average from all of the samples and the card has only one sample given.

The 2 cards if thay where reference to reference are about equal but the 780 is a better card with better coolers overclocked models and the abilty to overclock much more (you can spank the ram on 780s massively)

Passmark takes the card at any clock speeds stock or overclocked and takes its average.

Overall the 780 is a much better card at the moment.