What's the max FSB*multi I can do on a E2220 on stock volts

my RMA motherboard finally came in today and I can't seem to get it to do a FSB of 250, 256, or 266, those are 3 settings I tried but were unstable, I have 1333 ram in it but its well under the stock clocks as its a 800FSB CPU (266*4=1064)

it may be that 1333 ram can't handle low timings even at lower freq, I'm tired and haven't fooled with it much so tell me what you guys thing

the Mobo

after grinding on it for 5 hours this is what I got, thoughts?


2.9ghz? Impressive! What are you working with such a low-end machine for? I'd imagine most folks here would be packing some serious hardware.

well I sold my gaming rig to get a nisssan 240 me and my dad were going to build together so I'm taking my mom's 955BE pc and giving her this one