Whats the "Free VPN" L1News talk about?

L1 news said something about a Service you pay to access the Internet and you get get a VPN with it, whats the service call?



In all seriousness though, I’m not sure what L1 referred to, but if you want a free VPN, follow this:

Sorry @WokeJugalo, I saw the pink W and thought you were someone else…

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lots of free ones, some that allow low bandwidth torrenting

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You gotta be careful with the free ones. They have to make money somehow. Some of them probably covertly track you.

Surfbouncer appears to be a pretty legit operation, and the fact that they are using an SSH server that changes daily as their free offering indicates that they are not in the business of tracking you…

it’s not a free VPN persay you get it when you pay for a Tor Like service

yeah, im really saying that they exist. i wouldnt use a VPN on US soil.

right now im fine with my home VPN if im on wifi somewhere, other wise i havent been pushed to set up a VPN

i was thinking having the VPN on a side AP so its removed from the device in terms of set up. if you want to VPN, use that network.

i have roommates / friends that wouldn’t know how to VPN if i did anything else

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Actually, the US is one of the few locales that doesn’t mandate ISPs record and retain user data by law.

Regarding free VPNs, they’re a very bad idea. Better to pay. Lifetime accounts are a bad idea too. You want your provider to make money off you, so you’re the customer.

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What do I need to research in order set something similar up?

My personal VPN is on a Ubuntu server via openvpn

openvpn setup

the VPN via wifi would be something else, just a stab in the dark having not done this yet. the VPN being at firewall or on a VM would be easiest. you could have all of your normal WIFIs take your modem/ISP out and set a Virtual/guest network broadcast on the side that has the VPN as its gateway. thus that second WIFI has its route as the VPN and all traffic over that wifi will go thru the VPN.

something like:

home network with gateway of x.x.1.1
VPN network with gateway of x.x.2.1

subnetting the VPN away from home network and routing all traffic on that subnet over the vpn

the whole idea would be a painless VPN for ROKU and other devices that dont have granular settings to support such network configs.

If you don’t plan to use it for file transfers or streaming video, you can setup a free VPN on a Google Cloud free f1-micro VM. Works great, but only 1GB transfer per day.

You can also find very low cost VMs on lowendbox.com and setup your VPN there. This one linked below has a deal charging $9 per year for a tiny VM with 2.5TB/month transfers. Just linking an example, I haven’t used and don’t endorse them.